Getting Started with PairTrade Finder PRO

Tutorial Videos


Tutorial #1: How To Download and Install Pairtrade Finder Pro




Tutorial #2: Download Pre-Filtered Ticker Symbol Spreadsheets for PTF PRO




Tutorial #3: How To Create, Edit and Delete Groups




Tutorial #4: System Preferences and What They Mean




Tutorial #5: Backtesting a Group and Reviewing the Results




Tutorial #6: How to save a pair to My Watch List




Tutorial #7: Reading My Watch List




Tutorial #8: How to Setup and Read Pair Charts in PTF PRO




Tutorial #9: Reading Fundamentals, News and Calendar Data in PTF PRO




Tutorial #10: Setting Up Audio and Email Alerts in PTF PRO




Tutorial #11: Integrating Interactive Brokers' Datafeed to PTF PRO




Tutorial #12: Greybox" Trading with IB TWS and PTF PRO




Tutorial #13: LINK to our ebook How To Trade Like A Hedge Fund with deeper recommendations for achieving consistent profitability with PTF PRO.



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