Why Own Pairtrade Finder™?

Pairtrade Finder™ is the industry-leading pair-trading software for online traders, having sold over 2,000 Lifetime Licenses worldwide. Created over more than eight years by a team of developers and finance professionals formerly with Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers Inc and GE Capital, it is a truly global platform like no other.

Our trading software works and is easy to learn and use. Pairtrade Finder™ automatically imports over 1,000,000 different instruments from over 50 exchanges around the world, including stocks, ETF's, CFDs, options, futures, commodities, forex to allow you to customize and back-test your own pair trading system.

Pairtrade Finder™ then gives you Real-Time or End-of-Day Entry and Exit signals from your custom pair trading system (with visual and audio alerts) and by email. Most importantly, you can back-test you pair trading system on ten years' worth of historical data to give you the confidence in your system's profitability and robustness.

Join over 2,000 traders around the world - including hedge funds - who use Pairtrade Finder™ every day to find profitable trades

Software Features


  • Created by a Team of Developers and Traders with over 80 Years of Experience, formerly at Morgan Stanley, Salomon Brothers, GE Capital
  • Large Installed User Base (>2,000), Tested and Mature Platform
  • Robust Processing Engine for Minimal Lag Time
  • Add Stocks on 50+ Stock Exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, LSE, TSE, ASX
  • Datafeed Is Free Yahoo! Finance 15-Minute Delayed Data and Automatically Updates at the Frequency You Choose
  • Automatically Integrate Professional Real-Time Data on Equities, Futures, Options, Commodities, FX from IQ Feed
  • Automatically Generate Intra-day and End-of-Day Entry and Exit Signals
  • Generates Audio and Email Alerts - Receive Signals Anywhere


  • User-Definable Back-Testing Parameters, Signals and Chart Settings
  • Analyse Securities Prices, Ratio, Spread, Volatility, Correlation and RSI Charts
  • Scan for Correlation, Co-Integration and Historic Profitability with a Simple Click
  • Ability to Add Entry Layers to Your System to Scale Into Positions
  • Intra-day Spread Charts to Pinpoint Entries and Exits
  • One-Click Fundamental Data Comparisons
  • Easily Create Stock Groups to House Your Favourite Pairs
  • Quick Link to Yahoo! Finance to View Latest News on Any Symbol
  • Rigorously Back-test Your Signals to Give You the Confidence to Trade
  • Find Unique Trade Opportunities at a Click


  • Free How to Pair Trade Like a Hedge Fund eBook and Getting Started Video
  • Free 3-Hour, 11-Lecture Video Course to Teach You In Detail How to Pair Trade Using Pairtrade Finder™
  • Comprehensive and Easy-to-Read User Manual
  • Sample Trading Log, Position Sizing Worksheet
  • Access Our Pair Trading Resources Library to Help Your Trading
  • Fast Support from Professional Traders
  • Maintenance Upgrades Included in Lifetime License
  • Unlimited Online Technical Support and Guidance, 24 hour Response Time
  • Download and Start Using Now, Install in Under 5 Minutes
  • Secure and Safe Payment Handled by PayPal

Secure a Lifetime License to Pairtrade Finder™ today

  • Your unique License Key to unlock Pairtrade Finder™ for Life
  • Discounts on our upcoming products, PTF Signals and PTF Pro
  • Free maintenance upgrades
  • Our 3-Hour, 11-lecture Pairtrade Finder™ Video Training Course for Free
  • Unlimited Online Technical Support & Guidance
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Installation is fast and easy, giving full access to the software within 15 minutes of payment being made. Please direct questions to support@pairtradefinder.com and Pairtrade Finder™ support will reply within 24 hours.

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