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PairTrade Finder® End-User License Agreement (the “License”)

Please read carefully. By using or installing the PairTrade Finder® software (the "Software"), or by placing or copying the Software on your computer hardware, computer RAM or other storage medium, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this License. If you do not agree to these terms, promptly return your license key to for deletion.


    The Software accompanying this License and the related documentation are licensed to you by us and are subject to this License. If the Software is configured for loading onto a hard drive, you may so load the Software only onto the hard drive of a single computer and run the Software off only that hard drive. You may not delete the copyright notices or any other proprietary legends on the original copy of the Software.


    The Software and all copyrights, trademarks and all other conceivable intellectual property rights related to the Software are owned by Event Driven Investor Limited (“EDIL” or “us”) and are protected by the copyright laws of the England and Wales, international treaty provisions and all applicable law. Please do not make unauthorised copies. The Software you have purchased was produced through the efforts of many people who earn their livelihood from its lawful use. This License prohibits you from making copies for any reason whatsoever. To report copyright violations please contact

    You shall be responsible for the security of copies of the Software supplied to you under this License and shall use all reasonable endeavours (including all reasonable security measures) to ensure that access to such copies is restricted to persons authorised to use them under this License.


    Nothing in this License shall give to you or any other person any right to access or use the Source Code or constitute any licence of the Source Code. Source Code means the Software code in human-readable form or any part of the Software code in human-readable form, including code compiled to create the Software or decompiled from the Software.


    The Software contains copyrighted material, trade secrets and other proprietary material. You may not decompile, modify, reverse-engineer, publicly display, create derivative works from the Software, disassemble, copy, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, license, sublicense, transfer, assign, lease, rent, sell, or otherwise convey the Software (unless you're an authorised distributor). You may not electronically transmit the Software from one computer to another or over a network unless licensed to do so.

  5. TERM.

    This License shall come into force upon your acknowledgement of your acceptance of its terms below and upon download of the Software. This License shall continue in force as long as your recurring subscription payments agreed upon purchase by you of the Software (“Charges”) to EDIL remain current and until such time as you choose to cancel your subscription, upon which event this License shall terminate automatically, subject to possible earlier termination in accordance with Clause H.


    Nothing in this License shall operate to assign or transfer any Intellectual Property Rights from EDIL to you, or from you to us. Intellectual Property Rights means all intellectual property rights wherever in the world, whether registrable or unregistrable, registered or unregistered, including any application or right of application for such rights (and these "intellectual property rights" include copyright and related rights, database rights, confidential information, trade secrets, know-how, business names, trade names, trade marks, service marks, passing off rights, unfair competition rights, patents, petty patents, utility models, semi-conductor topography rights and rights in designs).


    You shall pay the Charges to us in accordance with this License. All amounts stated in or in relation to this License shall in addition carry Value Added Tax (VAT), where applicable.

    You can cancel your subscription to any of our subscription products at any time by logging into your account and sending us an e-mail notification to do so at, and no further debits will be taken from your card. We do not offer refunds of any unused portion of your subscription. If, however, you decide to cancel your subscription within the first 15 days after purchase, we will refund you your subscription fee paid, less a 10% administration fee, no questions asked, and proceed to delete your License Key.


    This License is effective until terminated. You may terminate this License at any time by destroying the software and related documentation and submitting the license key to for deletion. The License will terminate immediately without notice from us if you fail to comply with any provision of this License, including immediate payment of the Charges as and when they become due. Upon termination, you must destroy the Software and related documentation and submit the license key to for deletion.


    You are aware and agree that use of the Software and the media on which it is recorded are at your sole risk. The Software, related documentation and the media are provided "AS IS". EDIL expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We do not warrant that the functions contained in the Software will meet with your requirements and no oral or written information or advice given by us or any of our authorised representatives shall create a warranty.


    You acknowledge that complex software is never wholly free from defects, errors and bugs; and subject to the other provisions of this License, EDIL gives no warranty or representation that the Software will be wholly free from defects, errors and bugs.

    You acknowledge that complex software is never entirely free from security vulnerabilities; and subject to the other provisions of this License, EDIL or gives no warranty or representation that the Software will be entirely secure.

    You acknowledge that the Software is only designed to be compatible with that software specified as compatible in the website and software documentation; and EDIL does not warrant or represent that the Software will be compatible with any other software.

    You acknowledge that EDIL will not provide any legal, financial, accountancy or taxation advice under this License or in relation to or from the use of the Software; and, except to the extent expressly provided otherwise in this License, EDIL does not warrant or represent that the Software or the use of the Software by you will not give rise to any legal liability on your part or any that of other person.

    EDIL is a publishing company and its software, strategies, reports, articles and all other features of its products are provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as personalized investment advice. Its software may contain errors and you should not make any investment decision based solely on the Software. It should not be assumed that trading using the parameters demonstrated by the Software will be profitable and will not result in losses. The investments demonstrated in backtesting by the Software are speculative, involve substantial risk, and are not suitable for all investors. Backtesting and past performance are not necessarily indicative of future results; therefore, you should not assume that future performance of any specific investment and/or investment and trading strategies made reference to in the Software will be profitable or equal the corresponding indicated performance levels. Different types of investments involve varying degrees of risk, and there can be no assurance that any specific investment will either be suitable or profitable for an individual investment portfolio.

    Our Software and its output does not include nor generate any solicitations of any order to buy or sell any security. EDIL, its managers, directors, employees, sub-contractors, agents and all affiliates assume no responsibility for your trading and investment results from using the Software. There is a high degree of risk in trading and investing. EDIL, its managers, directors, employees, sub-contractors, agents and affiliates may have a financial interest in any security or securities described in the materials on, our blog and social media, our emails, and in any other communications or alerts to you.

    EDIL will not be liable you in respect of:

    1. any losses arising out of a Force Majeure Event. A Force Majeure Event means an event, or a series of related events, that is outside the reasonable control of the party affected (including failures of the internet or any public telecommunications network, hacker attacks, denial of service attacks, virus or other malicious software attacks or infections, power failures, industrial disputes affecting any third party, changes to the law, disasters, explosions, fires, floods, riots, terrorist attacks and wars);
    2. any loss of profits or anticipated savings;
    3. any loss of revenue or income;
    4. any loss of business, contracts or opportunities;
    5. any loss or corruption of any data, database or software.

    Under no circumstances, including, without limitation, negligence, shall Event Driven Investor Limited or any of their respective managers, employees, directors, agents, licensees, sub-licensees, third party contractors or assigns be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages that result from the use or inability to use the Software or related documentation, even if such parties have been advised of the possibility of those damages.

    In no event shall our total liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) exceed the amount paid by you for the Software.


    By enabling the option of having the Software generate trade orders to be sent to Interactive Brokers’ Trader Workstation® (“TWS”) or other brokerage account or third-party software, you are agreeing to the following conditions: trade placement and execution may be delayed or fail due to market volatility and volume, quote delays, system and software errors, brokers' rules, regulations and errors, Internet traffic, outages and other factors. You accept that solely you are taking those risks, and that Event Driven Investor Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable by you if they occur, regardless of the reason. Before trading raw trading signals from the Software we ALWAYS recommend screening for News, Earnings Dates, Dividend Dates, and ensuring any order contains correct symbols, price, size and order type data.


    All references in this License to Event Driven Investor Limited and you (the “Parties”) shall be deemed to include, as applicable, a reference to their respective successors and assigns. The provisions of this License shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of the Parties.


    The failure of Event Driven Investor Limited to insist on strict performance of any covenant or obligation under this License, regardless of the length of time for which such failure continues, shall not be deemed a waiver of such right to demand strict compliance in the future. No consent or waiver, express or implied, to or of any breach or default in the performance of any obligation under this License shall constitute a consent or waiver to or of any other breach or default in the performance of the same or any other obligation.


    This License creates a licensor-licensee relationship between the Parties. Nothing in this License shall be construed to establish a joint venture, agency, or partnership relationship between the Parties.


    This License and your agreement to it are entered into in England and Wales law and shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the law in England and Wales.

    Jurisdiction; Forum; Waiver of Jury Trial: Each of the Parties hereby submits to the personal jurisdiction of England and Wales, and agrees that such courts shall be a proper forum for the resolution of any dispute arising under this License and your agreement thereto.

    Attorneys’ Fees: The prevailing party (as that term shall be defined by the judge with jurisdiction over a dispute) in any dispute arising in connection with the performance or interpretation of this License and your agreement thereto shall be awarded its reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs as a result thereof.


    Whenever possible, each provision of this License, will be interpreted in such manner as to be effective and valid under applicable law, but if any provision of this License is held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any respect under any applicable law or rule in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality, or unenforceability will not affect any other provision or any other jurisdiction, but this License will be reformed, construed, and enforced in such jurisdiction as if such invalid, illegal, or unenforceable provisions had never been contained herein.


    This License constitutes the final, complete, and exclusive statement of the agreement of the Parties with respect to the subject matter hereof, and supersedes any and all other prior and contemporaneous agreements and understandings, both written and oral, between the Parties.


    Headings used in this License are provided for convenience only and shall not be used to construe meaning or intent.

    We are registered in England & Wales with registered company number 09501359 and U.K. VAT registration number 392070208. We have our registered office and business address at Event Driven Investor Limited, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom.

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